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10: Making Design Accessible and Affordable with Charles Alexiou

Are you ready for some serious inspiration?

In this episode of Construct & Generate, I sat down with special guest Charles Alexiou to talk about how he created a home design business that makes good design accessible and affordable to everyone.

Charles has had several previous lives; having been born and bred in Darwin in the Northern Territory (Crocodile Dundee country), he trained originally in Nuclear Physics and Applied Mathematics, and he has had a long and distinguished former career in investment banking and software design and marketing; however, his passion has always been design and real estate.

From a young child, he spent many school holidays on construction sites in his father's construction business. That's where he got the taste of design & architecture. Now on projects, the numerate side watches the budget with care, keeping costs to a minimum and reducing risk, adding value to the project, and maximizing the client's return on investment; while the creative side focuses on the detail of the finished product, serving clients and ensuring that their project is one that will be enjoyed for years. Delivery and quality control are just as important as design.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • How Charles went from nuclear physics to design

  • What Charles does in his business and how he helps his clients

  • Where he gets his inspiration from when designing homes

  • How he makes his designs accessible and affordable to everyone

  • Tips for making your home a space that you want to be in

  • How Charles manages budgets when working with clients

  • Why validation comes from within yourself

Charles doesn’t believe that you have to be wealthy in order to have a house that is well designed. With a little bit of design, you can truly turn a house into a home!

I hope you enjoyed this discussion and got a lot of value from the advice and wisdom Charles shared with us today. If you want even more support for your home service business, head over to our Facebook group to connect with other like-minded business owners.

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