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Episode 4: How Lance Cayko and Alex Gore Created A Thriving Architectural Design Business

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

It can be pretty scary to start a business. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong, it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis, but it is so important to persevere and just start anyway!

In this episode of Construct & Generate, I am joined by Lance Cayko and Alex Gore of F9 Productions, Inc. to hear more about their journey to building a thriving business. F9 Productions, Inc. has grown to include courses and even a podcast where they share their tips.

Lance and Alex started their architectural design business right after the economic recession ended in 2009. Despite the uncertainty and challenges of the time, they took a leap of faith and created a thriving business where they get to do what they love every day.

Lance is a unique design professional, as he has over 20 years of hands-on construction experience. He has worked in the field as a carpenter and independent contractor spanning throughout North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. His hands-on construction experience, combined with his impressive credentials, give him an edge over many architects. His experience has enabled him to leap into sophisticated and complex designs with the utmost understanding of their constructability.

Alex grew up drawing wars of ants vs. bees, playing backyard baseball, visiting architectural sites, and being obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright. After graduating from high school, he joined the National Guard as a heavy equipment operator. While enrolled in the Guard, he also attended North Dakota State University to start his formal training in Architecture. Upon graduating, Alex worked under the world-famous architect, Daniel Libeskind. From there, he teamed up with his best friend from college, Lance, and together they created F9 Productions, Inc.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Lance and Alex’s experience in starting a business after a big economic crash

  • Tips for running your business efficiently and smoothly

  • The benefits of becoming a W2 employee in your business

  • Software and tool recommendations for businesses in the home service industry

  • Architecture trends and inflation

I hope you found this episode inspiring! Lance and Alex are not afraid to jump headfirst to achieve their goals despite any uncertainty, and we can all use a little bit more of that bravery from time to time!

Lance and Alex are experts at what they do and they are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. If you are interested in learning more from them, make sure to check out all of their courses linked below.

If you are looking for more tips and guidance for your business, make sure to check out my Construct & Generate Facebook group where you can connect with other business owners and share tips and advice to grow your business.

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